Arguably, there's no more historic spot in Henry County than Drennon Springs, home to Drennon Christian Church.  As time goes by, I will try to add more and more information to this site in order to give you easy access to the local history.  You can also find "new stuff" that's happening at Drennon on our "Photos" link to the left.  The photos on this page are all of a historical nature.  Another great resource is the Henry County History Center in New Castle, where Mr. Earl "Hammer" Smith will help you learn more about our small hamlet by the creek. 

    First off, a set of photos we have put together showing off just a small slice of the history of Drennon Springs Chapel and Drennon Christian Church, plus the entire Drennon Springs area:

Our earliest photo that we currently know the location of, showing the two old front doors, for men and for women

Pictures from an October 25, 2012, excursion to investigate the ruins of the old Denver Collins Mansion

Here are three pictures of the bell in our historic tower, which once was part of the structure of Port Royal Christian Church, before being moved to Drennon in the 1920s.

An aerial photograph and a map of the Drennon Springs area

A map of the Drennon Springs area showing the historic locations from the past

A picture of Collins (aka Periwinkle) School from December 8, 1892

Billy Sharp's baptism in the Kentucky River in the 1960s, with Reverend Smitty Lucas and Jim Holmes

The wedding of Deborah Hardin and Alvin King in the 1970s

Mother's Day 1975, with the ladies of the church gathered on the front porch

A ballgame being played at the Drennon baseball field in the 1960s:  "The Drennon Church team played ball on the Kenneth/Eleanor Sharp "Poorhouse Farm" at the end of the bridge over Drennon Creek (1913 bridge) in the field by the barn in 1966.  Good times were enjoyed at these ballgames until a baseball fouled back and hit the umpire in the eyes, causing a severe injury to Raymond Sharp.  This ended the ballgames at Drennon Springs, Ky., closing out a century of this sport."  --Eleanor Jones Sharp

Our new painting of two buggies traveling to Drennon Springs Chapel years and years ago

Bro. Corey's painting of Jesus and the disciples at Gethsemane, which hangs in our fellowship hall

Four historic drawings of the Drennon Springs community created and/or compiled by Eleanor Jones Sharp

Early 1900s photo of Port Royal Christian Church, from which our bell tower, stained glass windows and many other attributes came in 1926

Front Sketch of Drennon Church

Side Sketch of Drennon Church

1972 Sketch of Drennon Church

Painting of Drennon Church on a Rock

The recently destroyed sign at the beginning of Highway 202 (Drennon Road) in New Castle

The older historic sign about Drennon Springs that can be found at our church

The brand-spanking new historic sign out in front of the church, painted with an exact copy of the text on the highway sign, but also including the American Bison (Buffalo) from our old sign

Drennon Church from high on the hill across the creek

Drennon Church from the back by the bench on the little hill

Drennon Church Cemetery

1949 Baptism in Kentucky River for Billy Prewitt and Kenneth Sharp, with Bro. Noble Lucas presiding

August 7, 1949 Revival meal outside the front steps with Durward Miskell, Olivene Hardin, Beatrice Baugh, Ida Mae Sharp, Jesse Cravens, Elliston Mahoney, Laura Quickert, Barbara Chilton, Thelma Miskell, Merle Miskell and Shirley Miskell

Drennon Church Bus Group (probably 1970s)

Drennon Church Congregation (probably 1970s)

Drennon Church Congregation (mid/late 1980s)

Drennon Days Celebration (probably 1990s)

Drennon Church with old fence in front

Drennon Church 2002

Drennon Creek Bridge being built in 1912 with William Hardin one of the folks pictured

Bridge over Drennon Creek during flood of 1962

1932 photo of students at the old Collins School in Drennon Springs, including:

Front (l to r):  Mary Agnes Cravens, Alma Leslie Cravens, Margie Kelly, Martha Joyce Adams Louden, Charles Kelly, Alf Williams, Kenneth Sharp and Paul Kelly

Middle (l to r):  Marie Hardin Avery, Lois Higgins, Willie Pearl Braden, Hattie Mae James, William Vernon Teeters, Thelma Braden, Mr. Charlie Kitson, Teacher

Back (l to r):  Irene Louden Jones, Edith Roberts Jones and Elizabeth Kelly Fitzgerald

Sketch of Drennon's Western Military Institute (from the 1800s)

    Drennon Springs' third and final hotel, Crabbe Hotel (1900-1909)

Drennon Hotel Patrons at second hotel building

Drennon Creek Bridge

    Next, here are some great web links that will lead you to some interesting facts about Drennon:

From the American Historical Register, on the history of Drennon Springs

Books listed on Google mentioning Drennon pioneers Jacob Drennon and Thomas Bracken

Books listed on Google mentioning Drennon Springs

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Pictures of Button from Drennon's Western Military Institute (1847)