Just some answers to a few questions you might have about Drennon Christian Church...

What happened to Drennon Days?  We brought back the Drennon Days Festival in 2010, on a smaller scale, then expanded it somewhat in 2011, then moved the focus from crafts to music in 2012.  As of now there are no plans to continue the festival, although the trail ride is still going strong and we will still have bluegrass music during our worship service (and in the trail ride bottom) that Sunday, the second in October.  If you have ideas or would like to participate in this Henry County-wide celebration, please contact Pastor Corey at (502) 541-0296.

What on earth are The Andy Griffith and Duck Dynasty Bible Studies?  They are studies that takes episodes of those beloved TV shows and break them down into themes to discuss in relation to the Bible.  Anybody can watch and enjoy The Andy Griffith Show or Duck Dynasty, and because of these studies, anybody can enjoy studying Scripture in a way that isn't intimidating and isn't stuffy or boring.  Here's a link to the Andy Griffith Bible Study on the internet, called "Finding the Way Back to Mayberry":  www.barneyfife.com.  So far the folks that have attended seem to really like them.  We've had members of Smithfield Christian (Disciples of Christ), New Castle Methodist, Henry Christian, Point Pleasant Christian (Disciples of Christ), Sulphur Baptist and Shelbyville Grace Fellowship attend our study thus far, so come on and join us.

What about the kids?  We offer Sunday school class for elementary/early middle school students every Sunday, as well as for late middle school/high school students.  When needed, we offer a preschool class as well. 

Along those lines, what about Bible School?  We haven't offered a traditional Bible School program in a few years, and usually try to promote the other local churches' programs.  Three years ago, one of our young couples came up with the idea of a mini-program titled "The Nature of God," which used nature and local history to teach the kids about Jesus.  We held this first try in June 2011 (including overnight), a second version titled "Fishers of Men" June 2012, then "Flippin' Rocks" June 2013.  We hope to take it even further in the future.  Visit the links on the left for lots of photos from those two events.

Where did that new painting on the bell tower come from?  The church decided in August 2009 to create a painting to put in the old circle above the porch.  The circle had previously had the church name and date of establishment, and dates to when the bell tower and many other aspects of the building were part of Port Royal Christian Church.  When Port Royal Christian closed its doors in 1926, much of its building was brought by wagon to Drennon.  The new painting is based on popular artist Greg Olsen's painting, Let Him In, and was recreated by Malissa Beatty.

Brother Corey, are you really an ordained minister?  Yes, since January 9, 2009.  I felt God's call into the ministry during the summer of 2007, after fighting it for a long time.  After discussing this with family, friends and church leaders, I decided to pursue training to better prepare me for a possible life in pastoral ministry.  I cast my lot with The Londen Institute for Evangelism, based on hearing about it from a pastor friend who graduated from there, as well as from my church pastor at that time, and also my wife Harriet, who read about it in The Southeast Outlook.  The Londen Institute changed dramatically during my stay there, as it has been absorbed into Hope International University.  Now students have to pursue their degrees through Hope instead of Londen.  Through online work as well as traveling to residencies in Ohio and California, I learned from pastors from all across the country.  I graduated at Londen's headquarters at Crossroads Christian Church in Corona, California, and was ordained into Christian ministry at the same time. 

Since this church was formed in 1862 and is obviously an older church in a traditional country setting, do I need to dress in my Sunday finest in order to gain admittance?  Nope, come as you are.  We have folks dressed in all different ways at Drennon, and if you see me there on any day other than Sunday, I'll usually be in cutoff shorts and a stained tee-shirt in the summer, or in a UK parka in the winter.  When it's time to conduct the service, I usually look no different than anyone else in the building.  Churches used to really stress proper, formal attire--I'm not sure where that custom originated--but nowadays those customs are falling more and more by the wayside.  If you prefer to dress up for worship, go ahead.  Just be aware that you might actually feel overdressed. 

What kind of music should I expect at your services?  Well, we do sing from the hymnbook for the majority of the service, but I am also trying to shake things up a bit by including some current Christian songs you might hear on the radio.  To sample the sorts of music I mean, try listening to a couple of Christian radio stations like 88.5 WJIE out of Louisville, or K-LOVE, which is nationwide.  You can actually listen to WJIE or K-LOVE online at any time if your computer can handle it, at www.wjie.org or www.klove.com

I'll post more answers to questions as they come up...